Tape 2024: New Game. New Rules

Economics, Sustainability, Cyber Security and Reliability Propelling Demand


As data creation continues to grow at 25% or more per year, at least 80% of the world’s digital data is optimally suited to reside on secondary storage. In response to this secondary storage challenge, the tape ecosystem has significantly expanded its capabilities in recent years. Tape has also become the leading pure storage solution to defend against cybercrime by seamlessly integrating air gap, encryption and WORM capabilities. Tape is the greenest storage technology and can significantly reduce carbon emissions and eWaste from data center operations. Combined with improved access times, faster data rates, a 50-year media life, lowest TCO and the highest device reliability, modern tape has the greatest potential to address the massive capacity demands of the zettabyte era.

Tape 2024: New Game. New Rules.