Executive Speaking

Providing keynote speaking at IT conferences and storage industry events for vendors, end-users, analyst groups, channel partners, and investors.

Storage Publications

Providing whitepapers, research reports, media articles and market publications for the storage industry.

Business Development

Providing business development, market creation services and partnership opportunities.

Marketing Strategy

Developing marketing strategies, competitive analysis, long-range strategic plans, and quantitative value propositions.

Market Research

IT weekly Newsletter: http://www.itweeklynewsletter.com/

The IT Newsletter is a unique, comprehensive information source…no product reviews, no company reviews and no press releases. The Newsletter has hyperlinks to 25+ technical articles in each bi-weekly issue curated by subject from worldwide online sources and updates on the website daily. The Newsletter is free, current and saves time in finding technical articles. If you don’t understand WHY, the what, who and when don’t really matter.