The Oracle StorageTek VSM6

Providing Unprecedented Storage Versatility


Have you considered the growing complexity and challenge for enterprise data centers trying to meet their data protection, batch, primary data, and archival storage requirements? Without careful planning, each of these tasks could entail pursuing its own unique and costly storage solution creating even more complexity. As a result, versatility is quickly becoming the new mandate for solutions to meet many of these enterprise class (mainframe) data center storage requirements. Fortunately it’s the 21st century and the combination of storage virtualization, disk, tape, and robotic libraries have successfully been integrated into an easy to use cost-effective solution to address these issues. This report will discuss the Oracle StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager 6 (VSM6) subsystem and how it addresses these challenges with particular focus on data protection and advanced backup architectures. With Oracle StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager 6 (VSM6) you can provide data protection and archive services for all of your data in one integrated architecture.

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The Oracle StorageTek VSM6
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