Tape Reaches New Markets as Innovations Accelerate

Tape’s Continued Innovations Fuels New Markets and Use Cases


The tape industry continues to gain significant momentum as tape has firmly established its long-term role for effectively managing extreme data growth with new use cases. Both LTO (Linear Tape Open) and enterprise tape products continue to deliver unprecedented storage capacities per cartridge with the lowest total cost of ownership compared with all other existing storage solutions. Steady developments have made tape technology the most reliable storage medium available, now surpassing HDDs by three orders of magnitude in data reliability. As a result, tape is well positioned to effectively address many data intensive industries including cloud, entertainment, the internet, and high performance computing along with data intensive applications such as big data, backup, recovery, archive, disaster recovery and compliance. Disk technology has been advancing, but tape’s progress over the last ten years has been even greater. Tape is now the most dynamic and sexy storage product on the market. If you don’t believe it – just read on.

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Tape Reaches New Markets as Innovations Accelerate
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