Tape 2016: New Game. New Rules.

2016 Tape Technology Update Series


In response to a growing “awareness” challenge as this century began, the tape industry began to re-architect itself and the renaissance is well underway. Several new and important technologies have been implemented for tape yielding numerous improvements including unprecedented cartridge capacity increases, vastly improved bit error rates yielding the highest reliability of any storage device, much longer media life and faster data transfer rates than any previous tape or disk technology. Many of these innovations have resulted from technologies borrowed from the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) industry and have been used in the development of both LTO (Linear Tape Open) and enterprise tape products. Clearly disk technology has been advancing, but the progress in tape has been even greater over the past 10 years. Today’s contemporary tape technology is nothing like the tape of the past. It’s time to bring your views of tape up to date as the future for tape technology has never been brighter. The era of modern tape is here.

Tape 2016. New Game. New Rules.

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Tape 2016: New Game. New Rules.
Fred Moore founded Horison Information Strategies in Boulder, Colorado, a data storage industry analyst and consulting firm that specializes in keynote speaking, executive briefings, marketing strategy, and business development for end-users and storage hardware and software suppliers.