Tape Manifesto for the 21st Century

The Era of Modern Tape is Here


Have you wondered what has been happening in the tape storage industry, if anything? Did you know?

  • Tape is cheaper to acquire than disk,
  • tape is less costly to own and operate than disk,
  • tape is more reliable than disk,
  • tape now has media partitions for faster “disk-like” access,
  • the capacity of a tape cartridge is higher than disk drive capacity, and
  • the media life for tape is 30 years or more for all new media.
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About Fred Moore

Tape Manifesto for the 21st Century
Fred Moore founded Horison Information Strategies in Boulder, Colorado, a data storage industry analyst and consulting firm that specializes in keynote speaking, executive briefings, marketing strategy, and business development for end-users and storage hardware and software suppliers.